Linux System Administration

Tk Open Systems provides the services of senior employees and associates for IT consulting on special projects. We have a broad network of associates that enables us to find the right expertise for special requirements. Here are some examples of special projects that we have completed recently.

Bank of Jerusalem

Tk Open Systems has provided support for Bank of Jerusalem's Linux Internet web servers for the past eight years. This support includes server installations, security hardening, upgrades, Oracle installations, hardware upgrades and custom backup systems.

State Comptroller Automation Tender

TkOS engineers completed a project that involved drafting a tender for a system to automate the work of the Israel State Comptroller's office. The work required a combination of writing skill and familiarity with storage systems, server technology and document retrieval systems. Following publication of the tender we assisted in the judging process.
We also integrated a Linux-based Internet email front-end server for the state comptrollers's office with an internal Microsoft Exchange email server. This integration required using Active Directory for authentication on the Linux server.

"Lion's Gate" Internet Security System

At the request of the Ministry of Education we developed a simple Ethernet A/B switch device for isolating IP networks. The system, called "Lion's Gate" consists of the A/B switch which is controlled by a timer, and three hardened Linux firewalls connected to each lead of the switch. The system securely and transparently transfers file, email, Oracle database transactions, and other information from one side to the other without any physical connection that would allow an IP connection from one side to the other. The system was subsequently installed in the Israel ministry of finance and in a commercial bank.

American International School

TkOS configured a large number of Linux servers for the American International School and worked closely with the Technology Coordinators at the school. The servers included a series for iptables-based firewalls, SQUID web proxy, co-hosted email servers with various web-based email interfaces, FTP servers for homework delivery, router and switch configuration.

Git, Mercurial and Subversion Servers

In the past year TkOS has installed software source code repository servers at three customers sites, using git, Mercurial and Subversion technologies for source code version management. In each of these cases we were able to leverage our software development experience to advise our customers on how to structure the repositories. We also provided a course in git at Orex Computed Radiography.

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